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Caladdon & Co Horse Gear Price List Jan 2015

Part of what makes Caladdon & Co's products so recognisable is the personalisations. All of our products have the ability to be personalised to our client's team colours and names.

  • Feed Bags
  • Hay Bags
  • Saddle Cloths
  • Fly Veils
  • Plaiting Apron
  • False Tail Bags
  • Browband Covers
  • Browband Holders
  • Gear Bags
  • Stable Hanging Bags
  • Bridle Bags
  • Coat Bags
  • Hat/Boot Bags (tall and short)
  • Water Hose Bags
  • Saddle Covers
  • Hanging Stable Rug Bags
  • Saddle Cloth Bags

  • Clear plastic Boot Covers

  • Document Folders
  • Lambswool Pull back collars
  • Stable Blinds
  • Bucket Covers
  • Webbing Side Reins
  • Sporting reins
  • Webbed Leads
  • Lunge rein
  • Work Boots
  • Bell Boots
  • Horse Tape Halters
  • Breakaway Leads
  • Tie ups
  • Lunge Pads
  • Cane Holders
  • Q-Combs
  • Forelock braiding helpers